From Our president

From Our President

Glory be to God for inspiring the establishment of God of the Bible School of Ministry to provide faith-based degree programs that enrich ministers spiritually, increase wisdom in men and women of God, boost the level of biblical understanding, and prepare men and women for God’s service in traditional biblical settings. Its associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are self-paced and can be completed from the comfort of your home, country of residence, or location of your choice.

This college is a religious degree-granting institution that offers seminary studies and degree programs for men and women who believe in the Holy Trinity (Tri-Unity). Each vocational program provides a solid Christian educational foundation that is very challenging, yet inspiring and motivational in increasing the level of commitment and development among all anointed men and women of God willing to serve in various ministries.

The college is a Spirit-inspired denomination established through spiritual revelation, and it follows Holy Bible directives in its practices and activities. The programs are designed for ministers of God willing to receive the fruit of righteousness, restoration, and healing. Following the words of Isaiah 61:1-3, the programs enable ministers, pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and apostles of God to worship and glorify God, proclaim the message of Jesus, study and follow the Bible, heal the broken-hearted, serve people in need, proclaim liberty to captives, and create a loving community of Christians.

Dr. Alain Dupiton